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Condolence wreaths are a symbol of sympathy and sorrow, offered as a sign of respect and tribute after the loss of a loved one. In Chinese culture, the color symbolism of the condolence wreath you select plays an important role. White or yellow chrysanthemums are often the preferred choices used in Chinese condolence wreaths.

Our professional florists can assist you in selecting the most appropriate Chinese condolence wreath from a variety of patterns, and designs within your budget.  You can order flowers from among our classic or contemporary funeral wreaths to express your condolences and pay your final respect to the deceased in the most appropriate way.

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Chinese Funeral Flowers

White lilies are also considered funeral flowers in certain regions of China. However, keeping with the Chinese traditions and customs, if the deceased had lived a long life, to the ripe age of 80 or beyond, and have passed away due to a natural cause, it is common to see condolence wreaths with red flowers being shared with the bereaved. Red flowers symbolize the celebration of a long, well-lived life.

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With the help of our friendly and professional florists and our all-day delivery policy, you can now order condolence flower wreaths 24 hours a day. You can buy flowers for funerals online and we will arrange them to be delivered to your solemn occasion within 3 hours via our express delivery service.