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Choosing Condolence Wreaths

Condolence flowers are sent to express sympathy and as a symbol of respect after the loss of a loved one. Hindu funeral rites frequently vary according to sects and subsects and a Hindu cremation often takes place within 24 hours of death. Prior to the cremation, Hindu priests and senior family members frequently conduct the wake. At this time, funeral flowers are often encouraged as a symbol of respect to the deceased.

Our professional florists can help you select the most suitable Hindu condolence wreath from an array of designs, shapes, and hues within your preferred budget. You can order flowers for Hindu funerals from our traditional or contemporary funeral wreaths to express your sympathy and pay a meaningful tribute to the deceased.

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Hindu Funeral Flowers

Flowers are considered a sign of life and death in Hinduism and are thus an integral part of the traditional burial ceremony. Yellow Gerberas, white and yellow lilies, pandan leaves, and yellow chrysanthemums are all preferred choices when it comes to ordering flowers for Hindu funerals. It is often preferable to send flowers in advance rather than have them delivered on the day of the wake.

Consult our professional florists to determine their recommendations.

Expedite Delivery

With the help of our friendly and professional florists and our all-day delivery policy, you can now order flowers for Hindu funerals to pay that perfect tribute to your loved ones and get the floral wreaths delivered within 24 hours. We can also arrange flowers to be delivered to your solemn occasion within 3 hours with our express delivery service.